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4 months ago

MYOB Business - no activities in payroll

We have used MYOB Accountright for many years and are attempting to move to Business online for use of MYOB while away/out of town. One of the necessary tasks needing to occur away from the office would be payroll.


The use of Activity categories in MYOB Business payroll would enable a business to charge a client different rates (or not all) for different activities while paying employees their usual rates.


This (and the inability to change when a pay week starts) are the only things stopping our business from fully utilising MYOB Business online.


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    Hi squinny


    Thank you for sharing your recommendation on the Ideas Exchange board. I apologize for the delayed response.


    I acknowledge that there are minor differences between the web application and the desktop app. I also understand that some of the missing features are vital to certain business workflows. Please be assured that by posting your suggestion on this board, it will be more visible to our development team.


    Should you need further assistance or have more ideas to share, please feel free to create a new thread.