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2 years ago

New MYOB Essentials - Stop recalculations until all employee wage pay items are done during pay runs

My business transitioned to the new MYOB Essentials a few days ago (January 2023) and I have run my first pay run, it has been quite the journey!  This idea would significantly increase efficiency and save me much needed time as this now takes a lot longer to do!


When doing a pay run, every time I edit a wage pay item (e.g. entering the number of weekday, weekend hours they work) it recalculates and causes me to wait several seconds before I can enter the next value. I have 4 wage pay items for each employee (week day, Saturday, Sunday, public holiday), multiply this by 50 employees and this means a LOT of extra wasted time. Would prefer if it didn't calculate until I finished with that employee, or if when it calculates it doesnt lock all the other fields.