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11 years ago

Pay items: Deductions to be based on percentages

It would be handy if we could make a deduction be a percentage instead of a dollar amount.  This would be handy for child support deductions which are a percentage for one of our client's employees, rather than a flat dollar amount.




"Payroll deductions as a percentage"


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    Thanks for your suggestion, we're certainly happy to look into the option of adding this into a future update. If this is something that you would like to use now you could look into AccountRight Plus, which has a much more detailed Payroll system and does have the option of setting up percentage based and dollar value figures. Other users who would like to see this in LiveAccounts, please remember to vote.
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    This should be available for any pay item, regardless if they are allowances or deductions.


    We should be able to set up a pay item for Leave loading for example, that simply has a calculation of 17.5% of the employees hourly rate. Similarly, overtime should be calculated on multiples of the standard rate like 1.5 times or 2 times. This means then that they can be easily applied to any employee, and more importantly, easily changed if needed, without having to recalculate every employee with the pay item.


    As mentioned above, this functonality already exists in AccountRight, and so it shouldnt be hard to port it into Essentials.

    Pay items in MYOB Essentials are unwieldy whilst ever employers have to calculate different pay item rates for each employee on a different pay rate or award.

    Pay Items in Essentials needs to be have the same flexibilty as AccountRight in offering percentages and multiples as calcualtion methods. The competitors online products certainly have this basic feature. It makes it a hard sell to convince an employer with multiple employees to use Essentials payroll.




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    Hi Everyone

    Deductions can be set up as a percentage of Gross wages or an individual pay item. 

    For more information on this topic please see Help Article: Creating pay items.