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11 years ago

Payroll: Allow annual leave to be paid out at zero dollar rate (salary employees)

At the current time (July 2013) in LiveAccounts, Annual Leave must be paid at the hourly rate when taken. This makes sense for hourly rate employees. However, for staff paid well above award rates, it is common for actual hours worked not to be tracked and for salary to be paid as a fixed monthly amount. This is clumbsy (but not impossible) to do with the current system - it means that any annual leave hours paid must be deducted from the "nominal" base hours worked each month. Rounding errors then arise.


These issues would go away with a simple check box on the Employee Leave tab which read "Pay annual leave at zero hourly rate" or "Track leave on a statistical basis only" (or similar). The annual leave accrued and taken would then appear on the pay slip as per now but at a zero dollar rate. Staff for whom this option was relevant would just continue to be paid their fixed monthly salary irrespective of how much annual leave they took that month. (But LiveAccount could still be used to track their leave accruals.)


"Allow Zero Hourly Rate Leave (Statistical Leave Entries)"

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