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7 years ago

Payroll: Remove hourly rate from salary employees' payslips



In NZ MYOB essentials payroll, the hour rate will be still displayed on the payslip even for the employees receiving annual salary. Can you make it as optional function to let employer to decide if they want to show the hour rate for employee receiving annual salary?





"NOT showing the hour rate on Payship for annual salary based employee"


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    I have to pay people on fixed term contracts (eg over 2 weeks) and do not want to include the number of hours or the hourly rate. Only display the total contract amount.


    Essentials will not allow me to do this. I don't know how I'm going to get around it other than mannually creating payslips (but some staff are casuals also and use My Pay so the auto generated payslip from MYOB (for the fixed term period) can be viewed by staff).


    Please enable this feature.

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      Please consider an option to remove the pay rate and hours from payslips for MYOB Essentials.  It causes too many issues with employees (comparing payslips) as the number of hours captured/recorded may be differnet (for accounting purposes) than their actual rate and this amount may differ per employee depending on hours worked (especially with a high casual work force).   


      Please allow employers the option to remove this annoying payslip entry, rather than forcing us to print payslips in MYOB and then manually recreate payslip in WORD.  Xero and other products provide this effortlessly, but we prefer MYOB as historically it has worked for our business.


      Please fix.

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      Yes I have the same problem.  Fixed salary employees so hourly rate not required.  Need an urgent fix for this MYOB as I need to process pays.

  • Being able to customise the payslips would be nice. If not, the following suggestion in regards to the top section of the payslip that displays the employees details and pay period etc.

    If an employee is on an hourly rate, the payslip should not show a salary? And vice versa, if an employee is on a salary, it shouldn't have an hourly rate.

  • Please add option to edit payslip template in the new essentials like you can in ARL . The annual salary & hourly rate do not need to be on the top of the payslip . It is causing too much confusion with casual employees and the annual salary does not make sense for a casual employee .