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8 years ago

Purchases: Enter supplier information when creating contact record


I would like to suggest when add new supplier through create bill to add contact number and abn number. I find very annoying to add new supplier through create bill and then have to go back contact list to update other items. It is double handling. 

Thank you

'Add new supplier"


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    Great idea as I am also frustrated that you need to exit the 'spend money/ enter bill' screen to set up the client correctly - then go back 


    With the option to add supplier within these payment/entering bills screens  - all the information should be able to be entered.


    very very frustrating and a time waster ...

  • I would also like to be able to move the pop up box around the screen (create new supplier) as it blocks the invoice underneath so you cannot read the info to be able to enter it.

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    Hi everyone,


    Thank you all for your interest in this idea. I'm pleased to announce that you can now enter an ABN and contact numbers when adding a new supplier from the New Bill page. Same with adding new customers in the New Invoice page. 


    For more information on this update, please check out this Essentials Blog - Sorting invoices by purchase order number and other workflow improvements.