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9 years ago

Quotes: Show email activities

When I email a quote it doesn't show this as being sent in the activity section. It would be useful to know that it had been viewed as well just like invoices. 


Thank you!




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    I'm wondering if MYOB can apply the same 'eye' to show that a quote has been viewed and also the recipient of the quote like you do in the invoices. It would be increcibly handy to know that my quote has been viewed and who I sent it to just as it is on the invoices.


    Also - is it possible to search for a PO number on the invoices. I have the PO on the invoice and it shows on the unopened screen however if I need to find a PO I still need to scroll thru the list of invoices so if I could do a search to see that I have used that PO number would be a huge time saver.

    I'm using Essentials


    Thank you - you do an amazing job !


  • Is there any way that quotes can be tracked like invoices.

    It would be great if you could see that a prospective custoemr has seen the quote before you call them much link an invocie.



  • As a small business owner, it would be very helpful to have confirmation that a quote has been received or if it failed to deliver by having the same symbols appear under the 'Activity'  section that MYOB Essentials has in the Invoices Portal.  Having a picture of an eye appear as soon as an invoice is viewed is helpful as is the red symbol for invoice undeliverable.


    It is very important that the same functionality is applied to your Quoting portal because we are missing out on business as we are unaware that for whatever reason the prospective client has not received the quote until we follow up by phone in a few days time and are advised they have gone with another provider due to having not received any quote.   


    Is there any reason that MYOB cannot import the same IT used in the invoices portal to the quote portal to ensure that business knows whether the quote has been viewed or not?

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    Client is wondering if it is possible to have an activity log on the quote; similar to that on invoices. 


    For example, looking at the individual quote, when the quote is created, viewed, printed.


    Basically the same as you get when you view an invoice in Essentials.

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    I am so impressed that you listened and made MYOB really mine by having the purchase orders visible from the outset.
    So now I have a couple of other suggestions that if possible would make my life so easy  - I use the quotes a fair bit and I can only tell that it has been sent, is it possible to have the information - like it does on the invoice - who it was sent to, date etc and also the eye so that you can see it has been opened ?
    I love that in the invoices and it would be fantastic on the quotes.
    Also - if you can see my invoices, I use WD numbers, these are the first port of call for billing where the employee does the job and gets the client to sign it, I then use that to create the quote or invoice.
    Is there any way at all - wether it is separate to the invoice or not, that I can see what WD numbers are on the invoices so that I can track the WD's to invoices and that way I don't miss any.
    I know it's a long shot, a heck of a challenge but it's worth asking !
    Thank you - much appreciated,
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    Has this idea been implemented?? We are not able to see if a quote has been sent by looking only at the activity. It does show a tick under sent in the overall quotes page but would be helpful to have this under each quote activity too.

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      It would be great to see when a quote has been sent using the 'activity' at the bottom of the quote. Currently it shows when the quote was created but not sent. The tick under sent in the overall quotes page is only partly helpful but would be extremely helpful to have this under each quote activity too to track a date it was sent etc.

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    This would be so useful.  I really would like to be able to see date sent and recipient as you can for invoices

  • Status changed:

    Hi Everyone

    MYOB Essentials will showcase the quote's activity history in the Activity information field at the bottom of the Quote window. This would include if the quote has been emailed.