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8 years ago

Report: Balance Sheet - This year/Last year comparison

MYOB Essentails does not have a comparative Balance sheet available. This is a huger oversight!

I understand that this issue has been raised before but seeing as the thread I found was from 2015 I thought it needed to be re addressed. What is happening with this? I cannot fathom how this is not treated as a major issue that needs to be fixed. Can I please get a update on a timeframe for when this will be available?



"this year/last year comparison Balance Sheet"


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    Is it possible to introduce a function in balance sheet to allow us to comapre balance sheet to last year in the reporting template as a matter or priority (simillar to the one introduced for Profit & Loss reports). I know the last year comparative issue has been raised quite a lot since 2015, but never been actioned. 




  • The ability to compare a Balance sheet in Essentials with a previous year or period would be greatly advantageous.

  • Even with Account Right, I cannot get a comparative Balance sheet for 2019 to 2018, as I have not closed off 2018 yet.  So the report that displays is 2018 to 2017.   If there is something in advanced settings that I have not seen, I would appreciate someone sharing that with me, but I haven't found it. 

    I agree this needs to be fixed. 

  • Hi


    Is is possible to have last eyar comparative when printing balance sheet from MYOB Essentials Accounting.


    If not, is it possible to introduce such function in the reporting template as a matter or priority (simillar to the one introduced for Profit & Loss report).




  • Balance Sheet - comparative - I notice that this issue has been raised on previous occasion. a balance sheet without a comparative is not a useful documents.

  • This would be very useful for preparing financial statements and understanding changes in financial position.

  • Status changed:

    Hi Everyone

    MYOB Essentials allows users to compare this year's Balance Sheet results with last year's Balance Sheet using the Compare to option.