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6 years ago

Report: General ledger details - Remove QTY column

It would be handy to have a way to elect to print Quantities and Average Price field in the Essentials General Ledger report.

Prior to the introduction of quantities, the report printed nicely in a portrait format. Now the report is landscape, to include the Quantities and Average price column, and it results in a lot of wasted space and paper when you have many clients who dont use Quantites.

It would be ideal if there was a tick box where you could toggle on or off the printing of Quantity and avg cost details.   


"Option to print Quantites in General Ledger report"




  • Please can we have the GL PDF report print in portrait if not using 'Quantities'? We do want to save paper.

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      YES YES YES. Not sure why it suddenly changed. Please allow portriat option. 

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      Yes please!! Why not try to save paper and meet customer requirements? Is it too difficult to change?
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      Yes please!  And not just GL reports but we should be able to have the option of selecting landscape or portrait in all printing options.

  • Status changed:

    Hi Everyone


    MYOB Essentials has been expanded with additional functions for reports. One of these changes is to the General Ledger report, which will allow for the Quantity column to be added (or removed). To add this column display this report and select Customise before choosing Quantity from the Select columns to display. It should be noted that the Quantity column is not added by default with that report.


    Note: This report is available for the new MYOB Essentials platform. Existing (original) MYOB Essentials platform users will be migrated across to the new platform in due course based on the complexity of their MYOB Essentials product level. At the time of posting, migrations are already underway.

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    Would be extremely useful if this customisation was also added to the "Account Transactions" report including the ability to exclude transactions that were entered without quantities.  We use the quantities for tracking the litres of fuel purchased per quarter for Fuel tax credits.