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2 years ago

Report Packs should use the report's description rather than it's name



I have created a number of custome reports that are similar, but not quite the same that I share across many of my clients.  Currently, when you create a Report Pack, the name of the report shown in the Table of Contents is the unique report name, not the description of the report.  As I have a number of these specialised reports, Each has a unique name that consists of abreviations for my own purpose.


The Description of each report is what I would like to see shown in the Table of Contents when a report pack is run as this will be more meaningful to my clients.


ALSO, while I am here, we need to be able to edit the description used in the Table of Contents for any reports that are imported into the Report Pack.  As I am usually importing .PDF files into these reports, I don't want the name of the report to simply be the FileName.PDF.  You should be able to specify the report's description when you import the file and that is what should be used in the TOC.


I look forward to these improvements being implemented so that the product generates much more professional looking reports.






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    MYOB Moderator

    Hi, Thank you for your suggestion regarding the feature for the report packs. Your ideas and feedback are greatly appreciated. We'll relay your idea/feedback to the relevant team.