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3 months ago

unpaid Bills / unpaid Invoice Report - Reporting error



I am facing issue with these reports.


unpaid Bills Report


I see that the MYOB Business Lite says we select the unpaid Bills Reports or unpaid invoices reports even if the terms of payment are correctly entered, the information we get a particular cut off date is wrong.
Is there any way that this information display is displayed correctly (20240315 Purchase Tile Bill Display).
But when we choose from Reporting - Reports - unpaid bills report for 31/12/2023, then why does it still shows what is outstanding  at current date ($ 7067.14 15-03-2024), then what was outstanding as of date chosen, in this case 31/12/2023 $13,625.77.
Is there a system reporting error? 
Same for issues with unpaid invoices report. Shows only the current balance due on the date you would like to see the report.
  • Hi Minesh,

    Thanks for your detailed response. After reviewing the Receivable reconciliation expense report (as shown in the screenshot), it seems that your file has a multicurrency setup, which might be the reason for the out-of-balance issue. For further details, please consult this help article. Receivables, payables or inventory out of balance

    If you're still experiencing the issue, why not give our virtual assistant MOCA a try? MOCA is designed to delve deeper into issues like this. Feel free to engage with MOCA through for any queries or assistance you might need. Don't worry if MOCA can't provide the help you need; our live chat team is available to pick up where MOCA left off.

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    Is there a report that shows invoices outstanding as at a particular date yet not overdue for payment. Like a Age Summary / Detail report.


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      Hi, Minesh


      Thanks for your post.


      It seems there might be confusion regarding the values displayed in the list of bills window and the unpaid bills report, particularly when comparing them with different date ranges. To clarify:


      • List of Bills Window: This window typically displays a list of all bills within a specified date range, regardless of whether they have been paid or remain unpaid. It provides a comprehensive overview of all bills entered into the system within the selected timeframe.
      • Unpaid Bills Report: On the other hand, the unpaid bills report specifically focuses on bills that have not been paid within the specified date range. It filters out bills that have been paid during this period and presents only those that are outstanding.

      Regarding your other concern about Age Summary report, you may check the Receivables report.


      If this does not answer the question, feel free to add more details to your query.


      Best regards,


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        Hi Doreen_P


        I prefectly understood what you had replied.


        But unfortunately in the MYOB Business Lite version, there is no date range to choose in the unpaid bills report but only a single date entry. Thus, my understanding is all bills entered which fall due outside the date of are due for payment after the date will display in that report. 


        In the example I has forwarded, it show two balances on screen in the List of Bills screen window. Total Amount (The amount due as of 31/12/2023 $13,825.77) and Balance Due (Amount as of 15/03/2024 $7,067.14 the date you are viewing the report).


        Now in the uppaid Bills report my chosen date is 31/12/2023, which should Brijlal balance due as at 15/03/2024 $7,067.14, whereas as the correct amount outstanding at 31/12/2023 is $13,825.77 not $7,067.14. 


        Further when you compare this unpaid bills report to system Trial Balance report, it does not match. Example System TB report show Accounts Payable balance as $44,313.41, but the unpaid Bills report is showing outstanding as 31/12/2023 as $11,250.61. 


        I did check for Bills entry Payment date for each supplier which is outstanding to the attached report. I lot of the suppliers are missing from the list. In the Create Bills report majority have been entered using the Terms as days due or specific dates. So if you compare the reports there is mismatch in information. I canot send my TB to my Accountant with non matching Supplier unpaid bill report.


        I hope I had explained enough to show what is wrong in the report.


        We do not use Purchase Order option since no inventory linked/active.



        Minesh Bhagwan