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9 years ago

Report: Payroll Summary show hours for period

It would be very useful to have a summary report in MYOB Essentials Payroll (NZ) which shows the hours worked in a payrun. I have been going to Reports> Past Pay Runs and using the Summary option for each payrun, but this only shows amounts paid. A report which shows all the hours worked for a particular period would mean that I don't have to print out all the individual payslips.

Even better would be to consolidate this within the Past Pay Run Summry report, as an extra column.


"New report for Essentials Payroll"


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    Would be great if we could have access to a Payroll Activity Detail report in Essentials, much like the one in AccountRight Plus. Which shows the total base hours worked in a selected period. Makes reporting much easier for contributions to Long Service leave etc.

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    The current Pay Run Summary shows $'s but is no validation of pay run inputs loaded.


    A summary report showing hours/type & any other payments loaded to cross check to timesheets would be an ideal audit tool.