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9 years ago

Report: Sales by Item - Summary style

It would be extremely useful to have the option to print Sales Reports in summary form in Essentials, as per the options in Account Right, as most reportsd are far too long. eg. the Sales by Item report under Sales options, lists sales by product codes but it lists in the body of the report, every customer who purchased that product for each product code. The option to simply have each code listed and the total sales for that product shown, so that the report could be 10 or so lines long instead of several pages.


"Sales Summary - Essentials"


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    And for the report to actually show the date range you have selected.


    What's the point in running a report and it doesn't show the selected date range on it.

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    Hi Everyone

    MYOB Essentials will display the Item sales report in a summary view and users can expand upon an account or accounts if required more insight.