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8 years ago

Report: Sales reconciliation - Hide zero balance customers


The Sales and Bills Reconciliation Reports both show customers with Nil balances or if an invoice dated in a previous month has been paid this month, then it shows as two transactions, one debit, one credit in seperate months.


Coulld we please have Reconciliton Reports that don't have Nil balances or at least an option to take off those with a Nil Balance. 


I have been told to use the Unpaid Bills report, but that lists every single transaction for each customer, which is not what I need.




"Reports - Bills Reconciliation And Sales REconciliation Report"


  • It would be great to have this function, so that only current balances show.  Otherwise this report can become pages and pages long filled with irrelevant information.

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      I agree - In Essentials, currently ALL customers with a previous sales history show on the report and there's no way to filter by amount either, which means that the report is becoming too lengthy to read.
      Would be a great enhancement please!!

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      It is very hard to manage out standing debtors when list is so long.  Being able to export to Excel would able follow up comments to be added/reviewed on overdue accounts.

  • I am having the same problem as MandyHamilton.  Sales Reconciliation Reports showing customers with nil balance and hence report is 13 pages long. Is there a way to take the option NOT to show customers with nil balances?  


  • Please,


    All reports should have a "Hide Zero" balances option


    It takes more time and cost for the customer to waste time explaining why some items are zero, and then export to Excel and delete zero lines.


    We should only be talking about real business activity, not a reporting "feature"


    Thank You