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11 years ago

Sales: Custom field that can be searchable/filtered by

Would be really great to be able to add notes to an invoice like a provider number, license number etc...


"Custom Invoice fields"


  • Hi Myob team


    Totally Agree!! I have just moved accross from Accountedge and this is a key feature that is well needed for I am guessing most users. 


    To be able to add Blank lines and Description fields is something I need and use for every quote. To send it to a client with a $0.00 value looks unprofessional




    Cameron McLean

  • It is essential to have  a "searchable" field for companies own use ( or maybe even 2!!). Here we can input our own reference number or plant name/number.  This would make it so much easier to look back at the jobs done on a certain site/asset....  if we get questions over previous work done. Or for any other reason.

  • I would really love a description line too. As a service provider and jobs can last for a week or more, I would also love to be able to place a date beside each line, not just the date that the invoice has been generated. My old MYOB programe had an option of invoice templates, ie. Professional, Service etc. This would lso be great.

  • Hi sammy007 

    Thank you for feedback in regards to this idea.

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  • Yes agree that a provider number or industry license number field would be very handy also being able to add extra logo's to go along with this I am sure the tradies would like their customers to know they are licensed with painters board, electricians, plumbers etc, not to mention us licensed BAS agents and Myob Partners.

    Also a date of service would be handy too,

    Thanks in advance