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11 years ago

Sales: Include wider description columns on invoices

There seems to be a lot of wasted space on columns such as item, units, tax type etc.  These use up so much space there is little space left to do a detailed quotation.  Surely columns that only require a small number of spaces could be reduced to make room for the all important DESCRIPTION.


"Quotation format"



  • Essentials has updated overnight and I have a frustration with the Description field. You are not able to enlarge it so that it reads in a format where the information is in a sqaure box. It is now in a long vertical box only allowing two to three words per line. Please see the attached screen grab.  Prior to the update you were able to fit mant more words per line.  While there is the ability to expand the column it can only be expanded down but not across. 


    Surely the space used for Account/Unit/ No of Units can be lessened.  You should be able to hide some of these fields such as Discount and Job. These two additions look like they have completely taken away the ability to have the Description reading in a better format. 

  • Status changed:

    Thank you for the idea. Unfortunately, this request has had little support from the community since it was submitted, so we are moving this idea to the Archived status. For more information on Idea Statuses, please read this article: Changes to our Idea Exchange pages