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12 years ago

Sales: Notes to customer increase character limit



  Would it be possible to have more room available in the notes section?

I run a Mechanical workshop and some of the "stories" I need to write about the work carried out is long winded.

I'd like more room to be able to have the complete write up on the customers invoice instead of attaching a seperate piece of paper to their invoice.


  Your consideration is much appreciated.



"More room"


  • Status changed:

    Hi NSC_194, Thanks for the feedback. We are working on improvements to the invoice page currently and will allow more room for notes. Note to All - if you like this suggestion, please vote to raise its priority.

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    That would be great, but could there be an option to write that "story" in the first line of the invoice ie a full job description - not possible currently because MYOB wants an amount and allocation if you use the first line ...



  • Hi Jill,


    Yes that is exactly what we are planning. The other option we are discussing is having a note section above the invoice lines. How would that work?



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    Either would be great, whichever would let the job description look more part of the charged out detail (as opposed to order numbers, customer references etc)


    I would not like to lose the note box at the bottom altogether, because I find it useful for adding btw comments not directly related to the charged amount ie notes on general condition, further work that might be required etc (although the font is currently so small I wonder if some customers are noticing it)





  • Hi Jill,


    Thanks for your feedback. We will increase the font size of the notes.




  • Its only a CSS change MYOB.  I did it myself using developer tools and made my notes section 300px as it should be.  Why is the notes section only 30px without any increase in size when text is added is beyond me?  It has been a standard development of responsive web design involving text boxes for about 5 years.


    The Notes section should have:

    * Minimum 30px, MAXIMUM of 400px height.

    * Ability to drag the size of the box using the mouse between these two sizes.


    You guys seriously are lacking if it takes 5 years for you to add in this simple CSS change.  It literally takes 5 seconds.  Maybe an hour with testing.

  • Status changed:

    Hi Everyone


    The Notes to Customer field on an invoice allows for you to enter up to 2,000 characters and 1,000 characters in the description field.

  • Actuall on the phone app it is limited to 255 charecters only which is quite useless as I run a workshop and customers expect a detailed explanation of what was performed on vehicle. 1000 charecters on the app would be perfect. 

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    Hi NSC_194 and Chunks


    Thanks for voicing out your suggestion. 


    I understand your use case requires including notes that need a decent amount of characters. Rest assured, this post has more visibility with the development team as it is posted on the Ideas Exchange board. 


    Don't hesitate to create a new thread if you require any other assistance.