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2 years ago

Sales: Selection list of customer to show contact name

In the new upgrade, the drop down from the Customer Name in invoices only shows the business, not the contact like it used to in the old Essentials.  This means for us with multiple contacts at the one business to invoice, we cannot see which one is correct to select.  The only way is to view invoice as pdf (which then saves it) and if it is wrong, we cant go and select another company/contact due to it being "saved".  


This is a terrible new function and incredibly time consuming; deleting the whole invoice and re-doing each time until the correct contact is found is ridiculous.


**Example** Perhaps a customer comes back to you after you have issued them an invoice and want it changed to a more specific person/department/Owners Corp/Landlord can't be done and has to be deleted and re invoiced.  What if the invoice was 5 pages long? Every line item cannot even be highlighted and copied, so it would need to be printed and manually entered all over again.


PLEASE CHANGE BACK THIS FUNCTION!  This is really adding stress to our business. 

So, it is 2-fold, this request.  1. Allow the option to change the customer on an invoice and 2. Show the contact for each company next to it.


Please consider this!

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