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9 years ago

Search: Option for account search lists to be alphabetical or numberic

when doing a manual entry of an expense the dropdown box is now in alphabetical order not chart of accounts order.  For clients i put the most used expenses as a low chart of account number so they come up 1st.  You do not have to scroll down all the time.  Can there be a defult so we can chose alphabetical or chart of account #

"chart of accounts"

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  • I agrre with your idea of having either an alphabetical list of account numbers or the chart itself.


    I disagrre strongly with puttint the accounts most used as your lowest accounts so they come up first. A chart of accounts should be arranged in a manner that enables data to be drawn from it in a meaningfull maneer. As an example,l expenses such as wages, Super, payroll taxes workcover should be togetther as they are related to each over