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8 years ago

Search: Reorder NZ tax code list to move S (Standard 10.5%) to lower down the list

Could you please reorder the options for GST for NZ, when you select the dropdown box for GST, the first option is S - Standard at 12.5%, the bottom option is the correct one now S15 Standard GST 15%. I can see some clients incorrectly selecting the first option.


"Essentials - GST option when adding a new account code"


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    GST code for 12.5% GST shows at the top of the tax options list this is no longer a GST Rate for New Zealand.  Can it be either removed or disabled i dont want my clients to select this as its causeing trouble with There GST.

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      I have just been searching for an answer to this too.  


      However, I have discovered that if you put an z in front of the S, the Tax code for S12.5 it drops down to the bottom of the pop up list. 


      This is going to make it slightly easier for myself anyway. When I select S as the GST code, It will now  only show up the S15 tax code.


      Hope this makes sense and helps.