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8 years ago

Setup: Copy business (to set up new business)

Hi there


I recently discovered that the client MYOB Essentials subscription was added to my my.MYOB login and was not separate. The client didin't want to receive any emails, which is why i signed the client up, but then it got added to my.MYOB account and now shows as my business name which is wrong.


As i now have to cancel that subscription and do a new one, i am unable to export anything, so i will have to manually add everything in.


Then i find out that to invite an advisor (bookkeeper), they have to be on the partner program, which i am not yet, so now i have to go through all of that, which was not explained to me when i spoke to a customer service. This is very frustrating.


Need to be able to export all info into a new subscription to save time instead of manually doing it.



"Copy entire company file to a new one in MYOB Essentials"

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