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10 years ago

Setup: Prepare Bank deposit feature

For more than seven years I used I used the desktop version of MYOB. It has the VERY USEFUL "Prepare Bank Deposit". I was convinced to use MYOB Essentials as it would allow me to get invoicing done quicker but with the current TAKE PAYMENTS issue and the lack of the Prepare Bank Deposit, I'm considering going BACK to the OLD FASHIONED way. PLEASE FIX THIS or else I'm going to have to pay my bookkeeper again to do the Historical Balancing when converting FROM the cloud based system BACK to the Old Fashioned way. If you ask me, you shouldn't have ever taken out the most useful function in transfering money from one account to another.


I know I can do it using Journal Entries but really.... every time I do it, I have to refer to previous entries so I know what column to put each enty in (CR/DR)


"prepare bank deposit"