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11 years ago

Setup: Show session countdown for inactivity

Could we please have a Session Countdown (similar to websites of banks & super funds) where there is a visible count down of the time remaining on your session before automatic logout occurs. This would improve the workflow of admin/accounting personnel who need to deal with a lot of paperwork inbetween use of the system & they could keep an eye on their session & activate it if it is getting close to the expiry time and not lose any work.


"Session Countdown"


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    I find this it set at too low a value. 

    When building a pay run for example, It could take me a little while to complete it. By the time I get to complete it and hit save the system hasa timed out and I loose all of the entered data. 
    The only solution that I have found to counter this issue is to use another LiveAccounts browser tab to ensure that I haven't been logged out before returning to my payrun and hitting save. 

    Because the entries in the payrun page are not applied until you have finished, the system incorrectly assumes that the session has not been active and times out.


    Clumsy is the word to describe this issue. 


    Are you able to either have the entered values applied or autosaved as this forum does every minute or so because when it does happen the expletives used towards this software cannot be printed for the world to see ;)




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      I totally agree that this function is extremely frustrating. I need to have MYOB active all day at work and I too have lost a near complete pay run due to being interrupted and when I have returned it has timed out.  This feature should be optional or at least have the ability to set the length of the session. Update to fix this as a matter of urgency is needed.

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      I tried it again yesterday with Safari (as suggested in another thread) as opposed to Chrome. 


      I saved and returned to the pay run after 10 or so entries but then didn't save it again until it was complete.


      Once again when I got to the end of the pay run and hit save, the screen sat idle and the wheels were turning but nothing happened. 


      Log in on another tab and now only have I lost the payrun but now each and every value that was entered in the default pay rate field had been erased. 

      Now imagine the mess that that caused because I had pre-entered the previous weeks payroll. 

      Half the figures are now missing so I have to essentially start the payroll again. 


      Once again another lost payroll due to the stupidity of the programmers that have coded this software. 
      Why can't the software autosave after each entry? This can be achieved by using Ajax.


      I cannot believe that this post has not even been considered by the back end team.

      This software has now become nothing but annoying. 

      I have posted several annoyances and the only thing that was given any attention to, was to add the link to this forum from the website. 
      Not that I demand every annoyance corrected/altered just because I say so. But something as simple as the system timing out ond us losing the payroll? C'mon!!!!!


      Clearly the time has come to look for an alternative. I don't have the time to waste with this software, which I must say, as it carries the MYOB brand, once would think you could rely on the software to at least have the basics covered. 


      I'm having trouble waiting the 10 weeks until the new financial year. 

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      Hi @SonicSecurity,


      I'm very sorry for the delay in responding to your posts and for the issues that you are experiencing with processing pays in MYOB Essentials.


      Generally speaking MYOB Essentials session ends after 60 minutes of inactivity. Could you please confirm if your payroll process takes longer than 60 minutes?


      I can see that you have posted on another thread with error messages during the payroll process.


      In your other post you mentioned you are receiving an error 'Please check your values' when processing pays, and you mentioned that you do not have any values in the Hours field within your employee cards. This can lead to issues as the system does not have anything to start the calculation process by.


      Our first recommendation in this instance would be to please enter atleast 1 in the Hours field for each of your employee cards.


      Please let us know if issues persist after this change is made and if payroll is completed within 60 minutes of starting the process.



      MYOB Support

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    Ever started writing an invoice and got distracted, only to return to finish the invoice and find it has timed out and disappears when the page refreshes?

    How hard would it be to make the page save before timeout or sleep mode activates or a prompt when you accidentally hit the back arrow "do you want to save?" Life is too short to re-enter details unnecessarily!!

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      This is well overdue. I've seen a post dating back to 2014 with this recommendation....


      This is an expensive accounting platform and it doesn't have basic - last century - autosave. I've lost hours on quotes that have disappeared after being auto logged out. One of which just happened!


      Pick up your game MYOB, im sure its an easy fix. I mean you can auto save this comment im about to make...

  • Status changed:
    Thanks for your suggestion for adding a timeout counter. This is certainly something that could be useful and we can look into adding in a future update. Some votes to show the demand from the community on this would be great so we can see how many people would also like to see it. Also is a timer what you would like or perhaps a pop up when you've got a couple minutes left, as this might be more noticeable when working on other things.
  • Thanks Matthew_W. I would prefer the Timer please as I see some downfalls with a pop-up. Firstly, a lot of people have their PC's block pop-ups so they might not know that this function is there once implemented as it will be automatically blocked. Secondly, if the pop-up was to be developed with an "OK" to click on to clear it off the screen, (and if other peope are like me) I have a tendency to click away before actually reading a message just to get it off my screen & also have a habit of bumping my mouse which clears it as I like to have the setting of the mouse to automatically default to the dialog box.