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9 years ago

Templates: Change column sizes

Having the option of changing the column layout would be helpful. For example, putting the quantity before the item would be very helpful for our warehouse team as we use the invoices when packing our products before it leaves. This layout makes it much harder to check off when packing large quantities.


"Changing layout of invoice"


  • Item column too narrow. I have part numbers over 13 characters long and so on the invoice it puts it over two lines. Doesn't look right and makes it hard for my customers to read part numbers when receiving goods in.


    "Change column width"

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      I agree.. I have this problem too.  I use a barcode scanner and use actual barcodes as item numbers so it is quick to enter products into my sales or invoices.  Anything over 11 or 12 characters and it uses 2 lines.  As an IT person when we itemise all the parts of a new PC build often is spreads over 2 pages and just looks silly.  This is a feature that NEEDS to change or at least be customisable.  Even perhaps being able to change the font size.. I already think the font is too big for items on an invoice

  • Hi y'all
    I've set up our invoice template. No drama.
    But there are certain things I'd like to do with it, that I can't seem to find the instructions for or buttons showing "how to".
    I'd like to hide "Items" column from showing on the customer invoice. And also move the "quantity" column to appear first in the table, followed by description and price.

    Has anyone else managed to figure this out?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Hallo! germanbakehouse

    Thank you for your idea in regards to MYOB Essentials and the sales layout

    Can you clarify if you are referring to how the transaction appears on screen or is it just how the invoice prints?

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    Hi Steven,


    How it appears on the screen does not matter as much as how it prints out the invoice for our team. When we are packing the items in the warehouse, we use the printed invoice to pack ...and putting the quantity first and then the product would be much easier for our system.


    Like I said, I have worked in several businesses that pack items from invoices and think this would apply to many different companies as well.


    Thank you for your help with this matter, I appreciate the follow up.


    Kind regards,


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    Hi germanbakehouse


    Thank you for clarifying your idea

    I would encourage other users that would like to be able to modify the way in which the Invoices look on screen i.e. being able to rearrange the columns to vote and comment if required for this idea.