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9 years ago

Templates: Change of font size

As we use our invoices to pack our products before they leave the warehouse - it would be useful if we could change the font size on the invoice, specially the item description and quantity. As I have worked in various work places that use the invoices in such manner before the product leaves the warehouse, I am sure this would be helpful for many businesses.


"Font Size on Invoice"


  • After previewing our invoice template, the .au at the end of our business email has been placed on the line under .com. There are not enough characters allowing for a slightly longer address. It looks like this:


    Reducing the logo in size doesn't alter anything either. Looks unprofessional. Not good! 


  • My font size for my bank account details on invoices (MYOB essentials) has reduced to minute ... cant read it

    How do I change this please ?