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4 years ago

Templates: Different styles of templates

In the new version of Essentials it'd be great to be able to choose from more than one invoice template. The old version had a few templates to choose from and you could pick the information you wanted to appear on the invoice. I'm finding the new version more limiting.


"New Essentials invoice templates"


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    Has anyone found where we go to change them ? also want to change the payslip layout eg use the trading name esp for sole traders 


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    -- Reposting as idea --

    We are trying to move to MYOB essentials, but it keeps defaulting to the useless old built in templates rather than ours. I tried creating one using the new create template option but it well, sucks, badly. We have to have invoices as receipts (since you can't email receipts either....), so the words need to change, we don't want how to pay since they already paid, the logo is miniscule even at 100%, the date formats are incorrect, we can't change the columns displayed in the invoice rows, we can't remove fields that aren't used or prefix things like ABN which just looks stupid unless you recognise it. That is just from 2 minutes looking, I am sure I will find much more with it.


    I assume we won't get the ability to fix up the templates anytime soon since we have been waiting for 10 years to be able to send an email and still can't, but can we at least delete some of the MPS-INCSIPLN-2009 templates and so on that aren't used or just reorder them so that we don't have to select the right one.