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3 years ago

Templates: Include Job number on invoices

I'm looking for an update that will add the project information to your invoice.

This would allow your customer with multiple jobs to clearly understand which project the invoice belongs to.

We assign task, clients and job in the MYOB data, and assign these in the invoice fields but they do not appear on the printed invoice.


Really need a fix for this ASAP.

Would also Like to see more flexibility & set templates options for invoices so we don't issue boring accounting like invoices!


"Job details on Invoices"


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    HI in the sales invoice I use the Comment box to put the job number in and it appears on my invoices, you have to customise your invoice and include it as a field. Hope this helps

  • when looking up invoices of any customer, can they be in date order? some of our customers may call up trying to look for there last invoice there could be a customer since 2019 then 2021 last invoice why can't they be in year order...

  • I would like the option to either show the Job Number and/or the Job Description in Essentials as I only need the number for now.

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    Can't quite belive that MYOB didnt have this from day one! When can we have it please MYOB? Also would be idea to have the ability to assign a PO# to a job number as in our expereince a PO# can span multipule invoices. And of couse a PO# field on the invoice template much in the same fasion as the job #.