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8 years ago

Templates: Increase size for company name to appear on one line

It would be great if MYOB could make changes to the invoice settings so that clients with long company names, web and email addresses are able to fit necessary information in one line.  At the moment, nothing can be done and the result is a very unprofessional looking invoice.


"Invoice layout"


  • Please note when you have a long name for your business, the invoice does not accomodate for expaning the box window in the top left or right side with all the business details

  • The ability to adjust the font size as well as spacing to make certain Business details stand out.

  • i posted this before but there isnt an option to ammend my post. for some reason the heading defaulted to auto text. now it has the correct heading


    it would be good if we can utilise more of the empty space between the logo and the text on an invoice/quote


    currently my trading name is all on 1 line besides the 'Ltd' and it looks silly


    there is plenty of spare room to make the field wider but no option to do it

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    As MYOB has very limited payment functionality for MYOB Essentials, it would be great to include my Bpay details so that clients don't have to be troubled with making payments by credit cards. Not everyone has credit cards MYOB.

  • Is it possible to increase characters for a business name to be on one line.

    At the moment my business name which has 25 characters which is three words runs over two lines not a good look.

    There is plenty of space to fit this in and email address exceeds this anyway.

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    The email address in the business details of the invoice wraps around to the next line.  The font is larger than the other font used and in bold.  How can I change this so the email address stays on the same line.

  • I love the invoice templates however my business name goes over two lines and it looks pretty average to say the least. The name field is not long enough causing the text to wrap and go down another line.  6 additonal characters would achive the name being on one line and the legal entity being correctly presented on the tax invoice.  Is there a way to widen that text box or make slight alterations to the fields because I can't seem to find a way to do it?  Such a small thing that will make the invocies appear so much more professional.  Thank you.