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7 years ago

Templates: PayID inclusion

See this recent request, from kjgraf on the Essentials Accounting page:


Do we have an ETA on when we’ll be able to have our PayID shown on [Essentials] invoices?

Many of the banks have only activated instant payments where PayID is used instead of BSB and account number.

As a small business that requires upfront payment, instant payments is a game changer.


Also see my request on the AccountRight Ideas page, for a Support Note on handling payments and receipts on  the New Payments Platform (NPP) and Osko.


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"PayID on invoices -for payments via NPP or Osko"


  • I would like to quote our organisations Pay id details on our invoices and to show that info at the bottom next to our other payment options. To say we can list these in the Notes section is a poor substitute, we use that for other purposes. Can this be seriously looked into with a vew to implementing ASAP.  

  • Why has MYOB not responded to this post after six months

  • Pay ID and OSKO Payments need to be displayed on Invoices. The old system of BSB & Account number is old and out fo date. Payments via OSKO for Pay ID are instantaneous and overcome the need for credit card payments.

    Payments made on a Saturday with BSB and Account number typically do not appear in your account till Monday night or Tuesday.

    With OSKO that happens straight away.

    A client of mine recently paid me and her mother duplicated the payment and I was able to refund the monies instantly using her PayID.

    Can you please advise when this facaility will be added to the payments section of MYOB Essentials.