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Bank Feeds: American Express feeds

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This has been raised in discussion posts and also submitted to Live Accouns ideas forum but I would like to re-iterate for Account Right Plus.


Desperately need to see Amex in bank feeds, we have many hundreds of transactions that could be automated if Amex was supported.



"Bank Feed for American Express issued by Amex"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: April 2016

Hi Everyone

Thank you for comments and voting for this idea.

We are pleased to offer bank feeds for American Express cards (issued by American Express). These are can be found under the tag of AMEX Credit Cards under Financial Institutions when applying for bank feed credit cards. 

For more information into American Express credit card feeds do please see The Pulse: MYOB partners with American Express to deliver an accounting software industry first

For more information into applying for those feeds please see Help Article: Set up bank feeds

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I agree with getting bank feeds set up for all types of AMEX cards ASAP.


The 'Get Statement' is a very poor cousin to the bank feeds.  You need to process manual transactions for each item as there is no rule functionality.  This gets very frustrating when you have many transactions of the same type which you need to set up (min 3 clicks for each transaction) which takes up a lot of time.  


If AMEX isn't going to be added to the bank feeds in the near future, then I suggest that the 'Get Statement' has a 'rule' feature added to it (just like the current AccountEdge version).

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Thank you all for your post, comments and votes. We are currently in discussions with AMEX on providing AMEX feeds to your file. We will be back shortly with further details including the timing for delivering AMEX feeds. Thank you for your patience in the meantime. We also encourage others who would like this to continue voting on the idea. 

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Can anyone give a expected date for Amex bank feeds, whole day I spent to process transactions through get statement. Its for just two months transactions.



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Hello @Tesh 


Thank you for your feedback, we do not have an expected date for this to be implemented. What we can tell you is, that our Bank Link partners that look after the Bank Feeds are in discussion with AMEX currently. Hopefully we can update you very soon. 


Kind regards,



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 It is now 2015, Are we any closer to getting Amex Feeds online?

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I think it is quite unsatisfactory that AMEX feeds are still not available. I would also expect a better timeframe than we hope to have some information soon. Please give us more information on how you are dealing with this failing of your software!

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Hi @HFB13

Thank you for your feedback in regards to American Express Bank feeds. 

The bank feeds team are closely working with the AMEX team to deliver this as a service for our clients. While we don't have a set date at this point when this service will be available it is being worked on by the team and AMEX to deliver it as soon as possible.

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I agree with all others here - most of my transactions (wherever possible bearing in mind the many many refusals to take AMEX these days due to their ripoff fees) are through either my AMEX or VISA cards. VISA is no problem, AMEX is direct with them, so I can't get a feed :-( ...looking forward to some progress on that front.

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I need Amex bank feeds. Please let us know when we can expect to have this feature.


Thank you! 

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 If Amex want to keep people's business, although judging by their fees of late, they're not really trying, however it would be great if Bank Feeds were available for each Amex card and it would make it a whole lot easier to reconcile particularly as we do a fair bit of overseas travel and transactions with Amex.