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Display: Increase font size

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might be ok for younger eye's, spare a thought for the older generation.

Why the hell has the ability to change fonts gone & window sizes. Now the only way to make this stupid program readable is to redoo the screen resolution,


Even MS excel has the ability to zoom, might be time to dump MYOB me thinks!!

"small fonts & window sizing"

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Last Changed: August 2012

Reading the thread I think what this idea is about is making MYOB DPI aware so that the default fonts are readable. Is that right? Could you all please vote on this feature so we can rate it's importance relative to others in the list?

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I am a bookkeeper with vison problems.  I feel like MYOB is discriminating against peple with disabilities because of the inability to increase font sizes.


MYOB - Please add back the feature to increase font size so I can stop squinting a the screen.



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I have just downloaded a trial version of AccountRight Plus, pending an 'upgrade' from an old Premier version which I've been running for years.  I'm bitterly dissapointed to discover no facility to change the font sizes from within MYOB.  I'm viewing on a 24" screen so the inability to change the font size makes MYOB a no-go for me & the others users as well, we simply can't read it, it's unworkable.  I use MYOB all day five days a week, so the lack of this simple feature means no 'upgrade' for this business - **bleep** shame.  There's no value in upgrading if it becomes - literally - a headache to use. 

Is this feature likely to be added back in with an update? If so, when?!!  Please Smiley Happy


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Oops, it bleeped me!  I didn't really swear Smiley Wink


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Hi Jill,


Welcome to the Community Forum. I hope you find it an invaluable resource for getting the most from your software.

Many thanks for your feedback, I will share it with our team.


I encourage you to subscribe to this idea exchange post so you can keep up-to-date with news direct from our product management team regarding implementing this capability.


All the best,

Jason Hill
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Hello Jill_T/others in the thread.


Just so you know, while we haven't got the full functionality of font selection that was available in AccountRight Classic implemented at this stage, we have implemented one of the related ideas about window sizing and DPI awareness.


This means that while you can't choose the exact size of the font in AccountRight, users of AccountRight 2013.3 or later can change their windows DPI settings in the Control Panel > Display settings window to either 125% or 150%, which should make text easier to read.
Please note, 125% is fully supported, while 150% works, but has a couple of remaining graphical glitches, this means if you use 150% some of the arrows won't look quite right for example, but it should be usable for those who need larger text due to very high screen resolutions being used on large monitors.


Will H
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On premier I would open sale & purchase register side by side with  items sreens on top and the jobs list shrunk only showing a few lines on the top corner of a 27" inch screen. This does not seem possible on live to shrink sreens very small.

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the colours of 2013.5 are too bright, fonts etc... are way to small. we are bookkeepers and accountants who are using this programme, we stair at numbers all day, last thing we need is a prettied up accounting programme. Please consider what you are as MYOB - an accounting programme! it does not need to be pink, purple or pretty.

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Slightly disappointed to see the age of this thread still with no resolution other than a work around.


I cannot understand why the command window occupies so much screen real estate with the same info as in Classic but with more, and useless white space and you cant resize it  I mainly use a 15.6 laptop and have to scroll the window always to the bottom just to reach the reports tab. A simple resize function on this window would solve this. I never used the change of font feature, but it sure would be handy on a high res screen.


I have issues with the spend money screen as well.  There is so much white space above and below the actual transaction in the middle that even resizing still means scrolling up and down for anything more than say 8 lines.


When a report opens, its default size is often so large that it is off the bottom of the screen and you cant get to the corner to resize it. Sometimes it can be reached by moving the windows taskbar to the side.


While these are annoyances that I hope you can improve, one major issue I have is opening the same file on a desktop one day and the laptop the next when the windows size and postion is remembered.  This leads to situations where, you work on a file on the desktop and when opened the next day the window is so large on the laptop that you cant resize it or even sometimes cant even see it if you have left it at the bottom of the desktop screen and closed it.  This leads to having to get back to the original monitor size to find the window, drag it to the top and make it smaller then reopen on the laptop.


I am not sure of the teminology but why doesnt the program know what size screen its on and resize itself accordingly?


I appreciate the updated design but feel some of the function has been sacrificed over colour choices and white space. As someone mentioned earlier, its a daily use tooland i dont care if its black and white with one font choice as long as its solid, fast, accurate and has a smooth workflow.


Dont get me wrong, Its much better than the early releases, but still a few improvements could be made.  My vote is some work in this area please



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Thanks for your detailed feedback on this. Up until now our updates have largely been focused on improving the speed of the program and directly improving workflow, which means that some suggestions, like this one, have had to take a backseat in the early update stages. Now that the program is one of the fastest online solutions available we can start putting our effort into making changes like these.

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I have been using Myob Premier since 1998 and have been comfortable with the progam until the last couple of years.

However I am getting increasingly annoyed with the program and after upgrading to the account right 2014 i am not happy with the window sizes. the main menu and Icons are fine, but when you go to enter a sale or purchase the font goes to 9pt or 10pt and is very straining on the eyes.

I use 2 x 24 inch monitors and to change the resolution that has been suggest it ridiculous as it changes all programs.

There use to be a icon in the older versions of Myob that allowed you to change the font size to suit.

It was under preferences, windows tab, window button.

Can you please put this back into the program.  Until this matter is address I cant use the new version and if nothing is done about it, I will have to look at changing accounting software as I cant use the product at its present stage.