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In Tray: Report to show which purchases have documents attached

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Generate a report / have an option on Purchase reports to search for invoices which are or are not attached making it easier to attach those which need it


"Purchases Intray"

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MYOB Account Right Standard NZ 2019.3.0

We are currently trying to streamline our processes.  One of the new features we have been using is the Purchases In Tray.  When these purchases are paid (typically on the 20th of the month).  These payments are made electronically.  The authoriser of the payments was previously provided the transmission page from the banking system along with the associated hard copies of the invoices being paid. 

What were hoping to be able to do is provide the page from the bank (as an email for instance) and them have ready only access to MYOB to view the associated pages that were placed in the in tray prior to authorising payment with the bank.  There are several ways to do this currently but unfortunately it requires a vast number of click throughs to view each invoice.  I would like to suggest that a report be created so that the invoices paid can be viewed more easily.

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Hi @lh1987 


AccountRight currently already has a Indicator in the Purchases Register to show you which Purchases currently have Attachments and which do not. Does this meet what you are looking for?

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