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Inventory: Increase character limit for Item name

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It would be really handy if the item name could be longer than 30 characters, if we could have a maximum of 50 characters it would make life much easier.


I know that you can select to use the description instead but this doesn't show up everywhere in MYOB and sometimes we need that space for other information.  We have over 5000 different items in our file and 30 words is just not enough most of the time.


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"Item name length needs to be longer"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: December 2013

Thanks for the idea of having more characters in the item name field MHS. We would love to hear if other users would also like to see the field length extended. Please add a vote if you would like to see this enhancement.

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Is this still we are able to do?


"Item name length needs to be longer

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Well we are now it 2020 - any chance of this happening?

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I agree.  We are in a similar situation.  Surely it is not too difficult to extend the number of characters in a field.

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I can see in Dec 2013 MYOB was excited with the idea having more length in items description. Well, 7 years after still with the same problem! Create multiple codes to include lengthy service descriptions in consequent transaction lines! And still no option to apply multiple payments in one go! MYOB database has become such a dinosaur! 

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Any movement on this thread please?

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I concur with the above. We have several thousand Inventory Items in our range, and we can almost never fit our product description in the limited inventory description field of 30 characters. 

This is making our product description very unprofessional, and in some cases has insufficient information for our customer so we have to add to each field when we are raising paperwork manually.

I would suggest 50 characters minimum..... 60 would be even better.

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Hi @MHS 


MYOB has only just increased the size of the field view for the Item Number and Name to enable us to see the full 30 characters - that took 25 years - changing the length of the field to 50 is a quantum leap in thinking and programming - I would eat my hat if that got up on MYOB's suggestion board.


I have been using MYOB inventory for 25 years Item Number and Item Name has done its job at 30 characters - requiring a degree of shortening to give a succinct Number and name - and have just recently built an inventory to website integration using these fields and 30 characters works well.


I would get use to 30 characters - MYOB took 25 years to increase the invoice number from 8 to 12 characters.


but yep your suggestion is probably worthwhile if it gets MYOB's attention.


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It would be extremely helpful if you could increase the amount of characters in the item description as i have, the item Number is okay but we need alot more room for the Item Name, it is taking forever to try and abreviate names and items are being recorded incorrectly, duplicated etc as different people abreviate differently

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We also find the Name field very limiting. We stock a lot of similar products and need the additional characters to be able to distingusih between the items

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I am now at a stage where we are expanding our inventory with complex components and the 30 limit character length for the item number and name just doesnt cut it.  I spend more time trying to abbreviate and set up alternative options which defeats the purpose. 

It would be useful if there was some flexibility in this area, but given how long this has been requested by others I assume it must be in the too hard basket.