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Jobs: Job List - Hide inactivate job

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The Job List screen is great, however I find it frustrating that I can't remove (hide) inactive jobs. I also don't understand why I can't make a Header Job inactive and have all sub-jobs be marked as inactive. This would save a lot of time. 


"Customisable Job List View and Easier 'Mark Inactive' Options"

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Hi Everyone

Within the AccountRight Browser interface the Jobs window will showcase the list of jobs without inactive jobs being listed. Want to see inactive jobs? There is an on-screen option to show inactive jobs.

Please note: The AccountRight Desktop application will show both (active and inactive) jobs in the Jobs List. Their status will be denoted by the selection arrow - blue for active and grey for inactive. 

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Would really appreciate an update on when this will be implemented, my job list currently has 1600 jobs listed on it and scrolling through it and trying to work out the status of each is time consuming and frustrating. 

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Hi @ttmengineering

Thank you for feedback and voting for this idea.

Currently the idea has been marked as Under Consideration. At this stage we do not have a time frame when this idea will be implemented into the program. 

However in saying that I would encourage clients that would like to see this as a feature to vote and comment if required for this idea.

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I agree with OP. I'd like to see a more efficient method for making jobs inactive/making jobs active that have been made inactive.

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 HI @nondiscrypt


Thank you for your comments in regards to this idea.

Along with commenting for an idea on the MYOB Essentials Idea Exchange you can show your support by voting. To vote for an idea select the + VOTE button to the left of the idea's name.

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In the next release it would be great to have a button (same in cards) named "show inactive jobs" or similar when opening the master jobs list in Lists>Jobs.



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If would be nice to be able to make the header task inactive also if all sub jobs are inactive.

I have projects completed of which the headers still appear in the jobs list even though all the tasks are complete and no new tasks are likely to be added.


I can hide each job by setting it inactive and 100% complete which makes sense.

The header is just a rollup of related jobs, which then should be possible to make inactive and hide if all those jobs are complete.


The underlying header calculations could still apply, it just wouldnt be visible in filtering, if set inactive.


Consistency across screens still seems to be an issue with MYOB.


Also there are no additional filter options for the job list so why would there be an icon for this at the top. This was my first try of rationalising the list to something sensible when printed etc.

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I know this is an old suggestion but I personally would find it very handy to have the option to show/hide the inactive jobs when using the Jobs List. It gets painful searing through a large number of jobs that I want to keep but don't need to 'see' all the time.

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Also if the job complete percentage could be edited in a batch that would be great.  The way I see it as a column in the job list screen.  

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I'd like to be able to hide the inactive or completed jobs.  I've seen an answer to the same question that says put them with a z in front of the Job name - this isn't a suitable workaround for me.   Please have that little box on that we can tick, show inactive, or show completed.  PLEASE.


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It would  be great if you could be able to hide inactive jobs like you can in other lists in AR. So you can then view/print a list of active jobs only.