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Jobs: Job List - Hide inactivate job

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The Job List screen is great, however I find it frustrating that I can't remove (hide) inactive jobs. I also don't understand why I can't make a Header Job inactive and have all sub-jobs be marked as inactive. This would save a lot of time. 


"Customisable Job List View and Easier 'Mark Inactive' Options"

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Last Changed: December 2013

Thank you for your post. I agree, it would be a good idea if you could have an option to only list Active Jobs in your Jobs list. Also to be able to mark a Header Job as Inactive, if all its Sub Jobs are meant to be Inactive. We request others who would like these changes brought about to please vote and comment.

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nothing seems to have been done about this - we have just started using Account Right 2019 and tyhis problem still exists. Is there a fix coming?

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Inactive jobs crowd the screen. You can tab in cards for employees & customer & supplier for inactive and they dissapear . The job should clear a lot of clutter as multiple jobs for same location requests extra investigation as spacing does not allow for a complex description.