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Online Emailing: Add company logos to email template





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Dear Ideas Factory


I have had a few clients who would like to add their company logos to email template in myob, at present this is not possible as well as editing text formats etc would also be a great tool.




Julie Kinniff


"Adding company logos to myob email template"

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There seems to be several issues when it comes to email invoices, orders, purchase orders etc within MYOB. 


In older versions, we could send emails via Outlook or other email providers.  Which meant we could add personal messages and our branding. 


Now we cannot add our own logos to the email. I have had incidences where clients or suppliers have missed the email, as it has gone into junk mail, or they have thought it spam at first glance because it didn't have my logo on it.  


The next issue, is there is no way to trace what was written in the email, even if we did make a small change in the send screen. We can't even see the original pdf document that was sent. The only way to see what was sent is to go into the actual invoice/order.  This is an issue if anything was changed on that invoice after sending the email. 


The tracking system is good, but there is no way to resend the email, say for example you needed to prove the the date you sent out the invoice/order email. 


There should have been an option to use this new system or stick with the old email via outlook. 


It is a lot more work to have to download the file, save it somewhere and then open a new email, and attach the document and then write an email. 



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I had over a week of troubleshooting this same problem - MYOB were no help at all initially (a foreign young person who had no idea how to solve the problem! and who finally got back to me over 2 weeks later leaving a message she was 'tech support' ... ridiculous!). Then I contacted our web site and email server who blamed MYOB, though it turned out they (Sensis - Yellow) had upgraded / changed some settings on POP3 and IMAP!? ... Microsoft Office 365 also denied any blame on their part, after hours of testing .... anyway the outcome AFTER 6 DAYS OF PROBLEM TROUBLESHOOTING with all of the above, I finally got to speak to a Kiwi gentleman in Christchurch working for MYOB - what a god send!  He solved the issues as best he could, and seems to be trouble free at the moment.  Thank you Blaze.

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I'm thinking it would be awsome to have the ability to have a pre-set signature all ready to go when sending an email out to your customers

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Try Sigsync Office 365 email signature, Its server-side email signature. Their signature generator is easy to use. You can create a new template based on your requirement or choose a suitable template from their template gallery. If your comfortable making the signatures in HTML I would recommend that.