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Online Emailing: Viewing content/message of ALL Emails sent

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It would be great if either

(a) we could see the message content of ALL emails, including statements


(b) we could choose which emails to send directly from AccountRight and which not to send. e.g send Invoices but not Statements.


reason - had a customer balk at comments in a Statement email which was amended just for them, as they were seriously overdue, but we cannot see the message - therefore it would be good to either be able to see it, or choose not to send specified email types (and this choice would inlcude a breakdown of the Sales and Purchase email types e.g send Invoices but maybe not send Quotes).



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I would really like to be able to preview Statements before sending them directly to customers.  At the moment I send it to my email and view the attachment before forwarding it to the client. If I miss anything, is there a way to preview statements before sending them out?

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In the 'Invoice Activity", it would be great to have a read receipt as per the attached photo so you can prove your customer received and read your invoice.

This is a screen shot from Xero; we recently changed to MYOB as you have better features, but this feature was very useful. 

I also know that Quickbooks online offer this feature too.