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2 years ago

Can't view my invoices

From the dashboard, I try to vies Invoices from the Sales tab, but I just get an "OOPs something went wrong" message

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    2 years ago

    Hi Susiepra 

    These screenshots are from the chart of accounts screen. Can you go to Accounting>> Manage Linked Accounts>>Sales and check if the "Asset account for tracking receivables" has this trade debtors account selected? 

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  • We're having the same problem and cant view quotes to create invoices. Very annoying when all help services are closed, and when they are open have over an hour wait!! You also now have to manually change the date the invoice was created as it stays as the date the quote was created on the invoice. This should not be happening!!

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      MYOB Moderator

      Hi hylas123 , Susiepra 


      Sorry to hear that you had that experience.


      Susiepra  So we can investigate this further, please confirm if the error occurs if you click on Open Invoices or Overdue invoices in the dashboard? 


      hylas123 Are you clicking the quotes from the Sales tab and not able to view the invoices from there?  

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        when i click the sales menu and then quotes it says oops something went wrong try and refreshe the page or contact myob if that doesnt work. it doesnt work. it means i cant turn quotes into an invoice