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Online Emailing: Viewing content/message of ALL Emails sent

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It would be great if either

(a) we could see the message content of ALL emails, including statements


(b) we could choose which emails to send directly from AccountRight and which not to send. e.g send Invoices but not Statements.


reason - had a customer balk at comments in a Statement email which was amended just for them, as they were seriously overdue, but we cannot see the message - therefore it would be good to either be able to see it, or choose not to send specified email types (and this choice would inlcude a breakdown of the Sales and Purchase email types e.g send Invoices but maybe not send Quotes).



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We send quotes and orders to customers and need to know what message we have sent the customer via email.  It would be great if MYOB incorporated this in their program.

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When checking invoice emails sent via MYOB, the sent invoices can be viewed via "sent emails" and "view all activity". Invoice portal window will show all actions on the invoice, it would be good to be able to view what statement information was emailed with a similar function.


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Is it possable to be able to read e-mails sent through the card list.  when sending an e-mail through contacts, you can't go back a view e-mail sent.

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If we create a statement customise the email and send the statement through account right, we cant see whats been sent to the client.


so see attached, there was an email my accounts girl wrote on that detailing everything and sent it. because its sent through myob, we cant see what the accounts girl wrote on that email.




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I also think it would be helpful to be able to view content of all send emails.

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Yes I agree as this information is used to prove debt collection if having to use QCAT or the Small Claims Tribunal to lodge a claim for payment through the legal system.


Also agree with the suggestion that a selection could be set at card level to either send from Online Emails or Outlook (for those that use Outlook still).


While we are on the subject...

Also with Statements, the option to default the statement template to use and the default email address - set in the card.


Emailing payslips, I have been in discussions with a user and tested the fact that you cannot add an additional email address to the employee card as a way of cc'ing yourself into the sending of payslips as proof that you have emailed an employee and what you have emailed them.  This is avaiilable in MYOB Essentials.


It does however work if you manually type in a 2nd email address at the time of emailing a payslip separated by a semi colon, although you receive error type messages, if you accept the messages and select [Send Email], it will send a copy to the 2nd email address added.


Sending to more than one email address obviously works in ARL although it does give you messages and you cannot add 2 email addresses and have them selected as a default.


Good if you could have this changed in the program and also the option to select either Online Email or Outlook and also the option to default the payslip template.



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Sent email window is all good and well however it would be of great help if it also would list the status of the invoice e.g. ViewedPrinted

That way you dont have to click into each invoice, I think this should be doable, the information is already on the paydirect portal.

Thanks Smiley Happy


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To make it easier for users sending Invoices via email with attachments via MYOB the addition of additional attachments would be fabulous!

The option to send only 1 attachment is troublesome and involves having to scan separately and send via email separately on multiple occasions. Not all businesses fit the "1 box". Many construction companies would appreciate the need to send multiple attachments with their invoices and this additional service would make daily operations simpler/faster. Consideration to adding this feature would be appreciated.

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This is absolutely crucial.  If you don't have a record of what you sent to someone how can you possibly respond to their comments.

I constantly have this issue with payslips when staff  have entered a comment in the email text and I have no idea what the follow up query is about!

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Just worked out how to view the email trail associated with invoices, would be great to have the same functionallity when reviewing email trail on statements.

Our business needs to include specialised T&C's on occasions within the text body of your email statement template, and many clients request proof of this notification when querying these charges.