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Online Payments: Default to pay with credit card for customer

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It would be great if you could have an option, by customer card, to either switch on or switch off the payment service. In this way, the MYOB user can select which customers get the option to pay by credit card.

This saves the business paying fees for the service in cases where customers are prompt payers and dont use credit cards to pay their invoices. For these customers, you dont want to encourage them to pay you via a service which costs the business in fees.

For example, with XERO, the service is linked to the invoice design. If you design an invoice that doesnt have a link to that service, you can opt to send the customer the template that doesnt have the link to the payment service.


"Switch on switch off option by card for Credit Card Payment Service"

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 I'd like to be able to select/deselect the online payment option in the Customer's Card File >> Payment Details tab.

Our larger customers (truck dealers etc) would never use the online payment option either because the sales amounts are prohibitive or not in keeping with their Accounts Payable policies. Our sales documents are generated from the Workshop, and those employees are not familiar with which customers should be offered the online payment option or not.

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will there be a way to turn off pay direct feature in client's card file so we do not have to turn off the feature on each invoice created, this would make invoicing easier and stop pay direct feature being available to clients that pay by direct deposit 

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Wondering if it is possible to select specific customers to receive the option to pay on invoice.

I keep forgetting to uncheck the box on the invoice.....if it were on the customers card then it would

be checked or unchecked for all their invoices....



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Currently Online Payments can only be turned on and off on the individual invoice level and by default is always on. This would be so much better if we could turn it on and off on the individual card level instead. 

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We are the people running our businesses and therefore, as much as this is a worthwhile offering, we need to be in control of how it is offered and what is offered.


I do not want to allow any BPay payments, and I will only allow certain customers the option to pay online. However, at the moment this is deactivated for me as I have no control of these components, and having to remember to uncheck the "always-on" checkbox is ridiculous - this should be done at the Customer Card level - to not only enable/disable it for that specific customer, but it also needs to have what options for payment you want to offer - e.g. MC and VISA only (if you want to) and none of the others - there should also be a global setting if you never want to include one of the payment options (like BPay in my case).


The feature to (finally) pass on the 1.8% fee is long overdue, but alas you still have missed the target for me. I will await the update for this feature in a couple of years Smiley Wink.

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I would find it very useful to be able to select which customers are presented with the credit card payment portal. We would prefer that cash customers are able to pay by credit card but don't want customers on 30 day terms to get to 30 days then pay via credit card, essentially getting 30 days and is having to pay the fees also. It could be as simple as a checkbox similar to the 'Invoice Reminders' checkbox in the customer card.

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You can uncheck the box on only on the individual invoice, rather than the card if that is any help in the meantime.  You can also have it that the customer pays the fees.