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Payroll: Inactive button for payroll categories

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Creation of an "inactive" button for Payroll Categories.  For example, when a employee has left the company & you don't want to see / choose that category from the list anymore you can't delete it because the system sees it as being used.  So, it would be helpful if you could have something like an "inactive" button on the each categories, so it can be seen, or not seen from the selection list.

"Inactive Button for Payroll Category List"

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And I would just like to add that it would be great because the Restaurant Industry keeps changing it's Award & therefore all the categories have to keep changing...I have about 140 categories and currently need only 50 ish of them and the rest are "inactive", but I have to scroll through all of them trying to find the ones I need & not picking the wrong ones.  It would be kind of like the inactive button that you have for employees.  PLEASE..........

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The unused Payroll Categories in AR2014 are not able to be deleted, it was possible in V19.



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ABSOLUTELY I agree.  We have changed a number of our payroll categories and entitlements which I just thought I could make them inactive because it is annoying having them appear when they are no longer relevant.  MYOB has some great features but there are some really simple things that have been overlooked.

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Hi,  I have many payroll categories that are no longer relevant in our business.  They have past transactions applied to them (albeit form over 4 years ago) so I am unable to delete the category.  Is it possible to incude an inactive check box option for payroll catergories.  This way the historical information is not affected but the list of payroll categories becomes more manageable.

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This is a really great idea. It would make a huge difference to the look of payroll - far more stramlined. 

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Agree this is a great idea, all those old categories are very messy.

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Still a great idea. Also to be able to stop then showing on the payroll processing screen when they are no longer relevant to a particular employee. I can understand this not being possible within the current payroll year due to Payment Summary and YTD calculations, but once the payroll year is rolled over, it would be nice to only have "current" categories available. This minimises the risk of obsolete categories being used. I have payroll categories set up by the previous accounts person over 10 years ago which were incorrect but are still showing on the process payroll screen...

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Our organisation provides a third party payroll service and we create many payroll categories. Each employer team may need to have their own unique payroll categories. Over time, employers come and go and our payroll categories lists are long. At this stage MYOB does not allow for payroll categories that have been used, to be deleted. Currently our only option is to put a 'z' in front of the name of the payroll category.


Suggestion - that once a new payroll year is commenced that MYOB provides for no longer needed payroll categories to be deleted.


Thank you and hope you have a lovely weekend!



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At least the ability to archive and purge after x number of years would be useful. We have so many old categories set up before I started here that haven't been used for years.

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I support this 100%!