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Prepare Electronic Payments: Option to change default Pay from Account

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If you use the Prepare Electronic Payments function, the bank account selected defaults to the first bank account in your chart of accounts. This is not the account that we use for electronic payments. If I neglect to change the "Pay From Account" AFTER entering any info in this screen, or selecting payments, the bank account is not able to be successfully changed to the one I would like to pay from. I have to escape out of the screen, losing any work I've done, then start over, making sure that the absolute first thing I do is select the bank account. 


"Prepare Electronic Payments function - can't change bank account"

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I neglected to say that the system appears to let me change the bank account from the drop down menu, but as soon as I click on "Bank File" to create the ABA file, the system then reverts to the default bank account. I know this because the default bank account/top of the list bank account is a dummy bank account with no bank details listed, so when I try to create the ABA file, I get the message that bank details are incomplete, at that point I can see that it is trying to pay from the wrong account. 

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Hi Antcity,


Change the bank account number you want to use to something else, so that it sits in the top of your assets as the first bank account listed. Alternatively if you no longer use that account - simply make it inactive.


Hopefully that helps you as it did me.