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Remittance Advice: Default settings

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Is it possible to have an option in MYOB where we can tick a default setting to always email remittance advices rather than changing it every time we entered the "Pay Bills screen." ?


At the moment it always reverts back to "Remittance advice delivery status: to be printed" when you close out of the screen.


Thank you



Current Status: Done
Last Changed: October 2015

Default settings for remittances advices has certainly been a popular suggestion. So, we're very pleased to announce that we've implemented this in version 2015.4. You can find more information on this, and on the other nifty improvements that have been made in version 2015.4 via our AccountRight Blog.

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There is already a setting for the default value of the 'Cheque Already Printed' checkbox (Setup > Preferences > Banking > Default Cheque is Already Printed), so a similar setting for the default value of the 'Remittance Advice Delivery Status' field would be great.

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Agree again on this one - should be an easy change and make a lot of people happy.


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It's a mission to change the delivery status the whole time. It should be set on the supplier card initially and fed through the system. Cant be that difficult?


The previous version of MYOB retained this info AND allowed you to change the status even after payment was processed. I do not understand the reasoning behind changing this in the new version??


100 votes from me!!!!

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HI @Maljan 

Thanks for the feedback. 

While AccountRight 2013 will set the remittance advice delivery status to be printed when you open the relevant window, if you do leave the window open or make multiple payments the system will remember the remittance advice status that you set on the first transaction and not change it until you close that window.

For example if you record a Banking>>Spend Money transaction and set the remittance advice delivery status to be to be emailed and then you don't close that window but record a second transaction the remittance advice delivery status will not change. 

So a possible workaround would be to collate the transactions that require the remittance advice delivery status and do those transactions at the same time. I agree its not the best workaround but may at least speed up data entry a little bit.

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Appreciate your response but no, not a workable solution AT ALL!!!


I enter about 300 invoices at one go....


The initial supplier card should drive this...

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Why was the process changed, by the way? The previous version worked fine...

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Thank you for the update, @Maljan. We do appreciate your feedback. We understand that being unable to set a default delivery status for remittances is a cause of concern for you.


We have passed on your feedback to our developers and do hope to see a change in this in a future update.


We appreciate your patience in the meantime. 




MYOB Support

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My vote is in! I can't understand why a delivery status has to be set at all!  I have just switched over from Quickbooks where remittance could easily be emailed or printed without any of this hassle.  Very unhappy with this feature in MYOB.

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Hi @Jess12 


Thanks for your feedback, it's much appreciated.


Let me also extend a very warm welcome to the Community Forum. I hope you find it an invaluable resource for getting the most from your software.


All the best,

Jason Hill
Community Manager



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I've loaded the new version 2014.1.16 just now. There was no changes made to the "delivery of remittance advices". Why can it not be loaded on the supplier card page as an option below "Purchase Order Delevery Status" for each supplier - "Remittance Advice Delivery Status"?


How long, and how many votes do you need to react on our requests?


Also, as requested before, please change the fact that you can't re-set the remittance advice delivery status after payment has been done - proven to have worked two versions ago.


I do not think you realise that this is an irritation EVERY DAY...please attend to this ASAP!