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Remittance Advice: Default settings

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Is it possible to have an option in MYOB where we can tick a default setting to always email remittance advices rather than changing it every time we entered the "Pay Bills screen." ?


At the moment it always reverts back to "Remittance advice delivery status: to be printed" when you close out of the screen.


Thank you



Current Status: Done
Last Changed: October 2015

Default settings for remittances advices has certainly been a popular suggestion. So, we're very pleased to announce that we've implemented this in version 2015.4. You can find more information on this, and on the other nifty improvements that have been made in version 2015.4 via our AccountRight Blog.

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Currently to print a remittance advice to attached to the invoice and email it to the supplier for proof of payment you have to go to each bill and select " to be printed and emailed" .


I think it would be a handy timesaver to have this listed on preferences for purchases / remittances (just like it is done on the card file for employees payslips), rather than having to remember to do it for each bill purchase entry.


Hope others think the same.



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This is causing our busines considerable inconvenience!!

We would love this change to be released ASAP!

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We are also having issues with this and feel it is ridiculous to have to clear old remittances that we don't need printed by PDF printing which is also no longer an easy task as they dont print as a group, but as individual pages.   Please advise when this will be able to be changed as a default.

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Hi @PowerC,


Thank you for your comments. I understand you would like to be able to set a default delivery status withing the card. Our developers are looking into this to consider inclusion in a future update. 


As for the issue with the printing to PDF printing each of the remittance on a separate page, there is workaround that was suggested by one of users on another thread. 


Using  a free software called PDF Creator - you can do the following:


1. In MYOB select all invoices / Remittances for printing and click Print

2. Select PDF Creator as the printer and click Print

3. A PDF dialogue box will open. Click "Wait - Collect" to open the print queue.

4. You will see each individual document loading into the print queue.

5. Once they have finished loading, click Document > Combine All

6. Wait a few seconds for PDF Creator to combine them into one pdf.

7. Click on Documents > Print.


I hope this helps. Please do post again should you have any further queries.



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I agree that you should be able to set a default per supplier for their remittance advices.  I email most of mine - and would love to be able to just set it to email as default rather than print as default.

Is it not as simple as putting a flag on each card (like for the invoices) and selecting the default action there?

Alternatively set it to email as default rather than print, and amend from there.


Also, is it possible to have multiple email addresses on a supplier card - such as one for purchases and one for accounts (their accounts receivable), so that the email comes up automatically when you select email the remittance.

otherwise that will also have to be amended everytime.

We are only small, but i can imagine the time it would take for larger companies.


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Yet another great feature in V19 that has not been transferred to the on-line AccountRight - INCREDIBLY FRUSTRATING!!!!!!


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I agree.

This needs to be changed urgently, very frustrating!!

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This is one of the worst things they have done.  We should be able to change these seetings.


I imported my last payments run and they are now all sitting waiting to be printed.  NOT happy.


This is a major updated required.



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We are also finding this incredibly frustrating. It's been years since we have posted and would desperately like to see an option to set e-mailed remittances as a default. I think MYOB needs to move ahead with the times on simple tasks like these. They may seem insignificant but they are a time consuming to correct and a logical choice and setting these days. 


@Aaronp  - Totally agree with you on 2014.2 - We have one client using this software and all of our other clients on premier v19. We would never recommend 2014.2 to any of our clients and would hesitate to take on any clients with this version of MYOB.

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HI @Tracey_Holden 

Thanks for your feedback in regards to the AccountRight Live Program and Remittance advice settings. I have shared your comments with the team.