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Report: Employee Employment Details - Multiple employees on a page

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Is it possible to make it an option to print the 'Employee Employment Details' Report not all on seperate pages?


If you only want a report with say employee's names and their annual salaries there is no option to not have this on seperate pages. Listing this information one after an other on a few pages would be much better than having lots of pages without much on them.


I can't export this report to Excel for some reason (the option is faded out). Is this a MYOB issue?


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"Ability to print 'Employee Employment Details Report' on same page"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: June 2014

Hello Christie. Thanks for your great suggestion. Anyone else who would like to see multiple employees per page on the 'Employee Employment Details' report, please cast your vote here.

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With 2011 onwards, some of the reporting is great, but some reports use so much more paper eg, Employee Details will only print 1 employee per page. I need shares in the papermill industry. Should have the option to print say 2 employees per page but not split the information over 2 pages (the way it does when print a payroll advice report - the name of employee on bottom of one page then the payroll information on next - hate that). Even when change the margins etc some reports in 2013 could fit on less pages therefore reducing paper & toner

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This is not a report that I use often, but when I need it, it is (was under the Classic layout) great to be able to send it to excel and manipulate it there.

i have had a play with 2014 and it seems that you will be able to get the information on one page by going to show hide, hide all then pick name and Total Salary

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Thanks Ronatbas,


However, once you click out of the Insert/Modify Tab (where it all appears on one page) and to to print preview it all goes on seperate pages again. Also, it won't allow me to export to Excel. Smiley Sad

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Hi @ReeChristie201 

You could go to File>>Import/Export Assistant>>Select to Export data>>Select the Cards and then Employee cards>>Select Tabs>>Select To add the fields Co/Last Name, First name and Salary/Rate>>Export. This will export a text file that information for the employee. You can then open that file in Excel (making sure that you select to Open and then All files not just Excel file. This will give you a list of Employee's rate/salary.

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Hello Christie. Thanks for your great suggestion. Anyone else who would like to see multiple employees per page on the 'Employee Employment Details' report, please cast your vote here.
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Its now 2017... 3 years for the most simplest of changes to be implemented...suggest you hire a work experience person to do it... come on MYOB, IT is not that hard !!

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Can the Employee Employment Detail Report be exported to Excel?  Why is it "greyed" out?

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When running the employee employment details report in version 19 multiple employees would appear on the one page which was great as I could send the report to my managers so they could update their employee pay rates instore.  Now in version 2017 it looks like there's a hard page break being inserted after each person.  So instead of being able to send a 5 page report, I'm now sending through a 40 page report which managers have to scroll through tediously for information.  Is there any chance of removing the hard page break?

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ive got the same issue and would love to find a solution!

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As a company we have 6 different regions that we need to run reports for.  With the Employee Employment Details Report as mentioned in previous concerned by others that each employee is listed on one page no matter how much information you require which if you do not wish to happen you are not given the option to change the setting.  


Also in the hide/show section you do not have an option to include the region in the report expecially if you have this as part of your set.  You need to report separately each region and not all together were there a selection in Hide/Show to select this then you could select all employees in one report.


Another point is that it does not allow you then export the report into Excel but instead you have convert the PDF to Excel and then copy and paste.  This was all done previously in the old verstion.


Last point I wish to address is why you can not save employees payslips in one pdf for each region, they are saved individually as I understand at this is time.  As previously stated we have 6 regions and we have previously in the old version selected the employees for each region and saved them in one folder under the region and date. 


Could you please address these concerns as to a solution that we can make.


Kind Regards