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Reports: ATO Standard Business Reporting (SBR)

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Will we be able to use AccountRight to submit forms to the ATO with future updates of AccountRight?


I expected that we'd be able to submit Tax File Number Declarations with the current release as the function was said to be in beta testing for at least the last 2 years.


I've read the support note here but it doesn't give any indication that it will be functional in this current release.


It would be a very useful feature for anyone using myob as their payroll software.


So, any updates?





Current Status: Planned
Last Changed: October 2016

Hi all,


Thank you to everyone who registered to pilot a new service, between MYOB and the ATO.


Our team is currently working on making the completion and lodgement of BAS much simpler and faster. Once done, we will look into other aspects of the SBR initiative, like electronic lodgement of TFNs. We will keep you posted via this idea post and the AccountRight Blog.




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Can you please advise if MYOB has the funcationality to allow users to electronically lodge TFN declaration (TFNDec) via the ATO Portal. I can upload and lodge the file on the ATO Portal but I can't seem to find how to export the file from MYOB.



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Unfortunately, once again shocked to see MYOB so far behind other software providers

in still not having the ability to upload TFN's to the ATO... WHY are we paying such a high monthly subscription and not getting all the features that other far cheaper softwares provide????

Get it sorted pleeeessssseeeee

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Joining the long list highly confused MYOB users.  Please, please, please make this a priority.  All I require is for MYOB to have the capability of exporting the SBR file so that I can lodge it through the BAS Agent Portal.  As a bookkeeper of many clients with employees, completing and lodging the TFN Declarations manually is incredibly painful, not to mention the increased costs of postage.


I just finalised the Payment Summaries for the year for my clients and uploading the EMPDUPE file was so simple.


However, another feature that would be handy with year end, is the capability of emailing the PAYG Summaries directly to the employees using password protection.  I have nearly 100 PAYG Summaries that I have to stuff into envelopes and then pay postage on.

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Hello @Mpeccable


Thank you for your feedback, I agree with you I believe this would be a good to have the SBR file to upload to the portal. This would save a lot of time and money.


As for the payment summaries we have a very popular idea that I suggest you vote on - Emailing payment summaries 


I have sheared your comments with the team.

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Another vote for SBR for TFN's for AccountEdge please.


You wont be able to get TFN's from newsagents from September 2015 which will make manual lodgement even more problematic.


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Hi @AndreaT

Thank you for your feedback in regards to this idea. I have shared your comments with the team.

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Another vote from me.  How hard can this be?  There's only a dozen or so fields to fill out on the paper form.  Knock up a simple input form and produce a compliant output file - hardly rocket science...

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It confuses me as to why AccountRight V19 can create a file to lodge PSAR, yet cannot create a file to lodge a TFN Declaration - this would save time, paper (forms & envelopes) and postage costs. Please MYOB Product Development Team, surely this could be achieved with only a small amount of programming.

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This is getting beyond joke. MYOB have been saying that this is being considered for over 5 years now.

Your customers are saying that they would like to be able to lodge TFN's online and also e-mail out Payment Summaries. We can create Payslips and EMPDUPE files, so you already have the capabilities to extract this info. I was using a third party to submit TFN's but since changing to Cloud MYOB i cannot use them anymore. The ATO is also going to cease paper trails shortly which will mean we will have to choose a software product that caters to our needs......which MYOB does not. Time to sort this out once and for all.

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How many years are we going to wait for electronic TFN declarations to ATO? We have posted this question on previous occasions over several years and get the usual spin 'it is marked as under consideration'. Clearly MYOB either intend to incorporate this feature or DO NOT intend to incorporate this feature. If the answer could be shared and is in the negative we will look very seriously at changing to other software that does have this feature.