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Reports: Ability to change the font size and type in body of reports

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I have recently updated our Chart of Accounts , and would like to know how to be able to have Header Accounts print in Bold text, the way they are shown on the screen. When I print off the list, all the account codes and names are in plain text. Although the sub accounts are indented, it would be good to have the header lines in bold.


I'm sure there are other reports that would also benefit from this type of customisation.


"Changeable fonts in reports"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: September 2013

Thanks for your feedback. Since rolling out the new report designer, we've been getting some great feedback on how we can make it better. We'll certainly review this suggestion when we plan our next update to the forms.

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I just found this from 2013.


Have i missed this as only running Account Right 2013.3 I am reluctant to upgrade as I think little work has been done on reporting side.


Have I missed this one ?

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It would be great is you could change the font size in the body of the reports.  Some reports can be quite small and sometimes hard to read.  The fact that you are able to turn on row shading is fantastic but to be able to increase the size of the font and assuming if we can get this developed, this would also increase the size of each row so they are not so close together.


As we get older, it gets harder to read some of these reports easily.

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I would  like the ability to change the font in the body of a report to be added to AccountRight.

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Totally agree with all the comments. FONTS are way too small

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I have started using MYOB, having come from a Xero environment.  The reports in Xero are easy to customise, both in terms of moving accounts to various headers and in changing fonts and bolding various headings.


Surely at least the bolding of headings would not be difficult to change in MYOB.  I find it hard ot believe that this was first raised in 2013 and no action has been taken.


Please address this urgently.

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It would occasionally be really useful to be able to alter font and font size in the body of a report as well as headers and footers.


Bill Thomson, N.Z.

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I would like to be able to change the font size and type in the body of reports in MYOB Accountright 2020.0 - I understand that at the moment this is not available.  Is this something that can be included in the next product upgrade?

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This really needs to be addressed we keep getting rollout updates but this never seems to be addressed, its difficult to read especially in warehouse/industrial areas where the lighting is not always the best.  We don't have time to export to excel and reformat and adjust page breaks as currently being suggested by MYOB especially when your dealing with a 10 page + report.

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I would like to know how to be able to Body print in differnt Font's & Bold text and chahnge colour 

"Changeable fonts and colours in reports"


Also and option the send a employee group email with attachedment all out of MYOB Account Right




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Also think that ability to change font size in the body of a report would be a good idea.