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Reports: Change of bank account detials





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The audit trail DOES NOT show when bank account details have been changed (ie for suppliers/employees). 

It reports if the address/phone etc has been changed but not the bank account details. 


This is Fraud 101 - is this going to be fixed?


If I have misunderstood, please let me know, but a MYOB representative did confirm this for me.


"Audit trail does not show change in bank account details'

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: March 2019

Hi Everyone

Thank you for feedback and showing your support for this idea

We have decided to follow a slightly different path with this particular idea. Rather than a report, we have decided that when banking details for supplier and employee card in an online file the AccountRight Live Owner will receive an email with the updated details. The reason why we went down the email route is for a user to act more quickly should a bank account be changed fraudulently by another user.

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FYI - receiving email for changes is an Alert. What we want to know is DO you have a report to audit the changes made to a Supplier or Employee bank details and when it's changed by which user.. FYI emails can be deleted which is known to everyone, so this is not a Control. Today we have faced the same issue. MYOB customer service simply said this option is not available. since 2012 have you NOT fixed this issue? THIS IS A VERY BIG WEAKNESS IN MYOB SOFTWARES. I this we need to take this up matter seriously with the Authorities who grant licenses (IF we don't have a slution). When we try to escalate the matters, then NO email IDs available to contact, so again we are forced to call the same junior staff who simply say that NOT possible. I need an answer URGENTLY

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With the rise in fraud and scam cases occurring, is it time to revisit the availability of a report to check for any changes to bank account details for suppliers. I have multiple entities on MYOB and having to go through all of the notifications I receive to check for the a particular entity for a given period of time is time consuming. A report would make life much easier especially if it can show me the previous and current BSB and account numbers.

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I think they should so something about this, as it looks like someone has changed bank details in our system. 

Does anyone know if people can change this in any system?? 


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I do not rely on MYOB for records with reference to change of Bank Account/Contact details for Suppliers/Customers/Employees.

Our process is: 

1. PDF copy of request for change of details is saved on our hard drive under (customer/Supplier/Employee) Name

2. Call Company/Employee using phone number already on file (do not use any contact details from the requesting information received)

        request confirmation of their BSB and Account Number (for Companies: if possible get a copy of their company deposit slip)

        record the information received and who spoken to on the PDF saved at 1.

3.  Update MYOB

4.  Make a contact log entry indicating the change from and to.

5.  Create a Zero Spend Money or Receive Money (ID is DCyyddmm means Detail Change 230814) for the entity for zero dollars usins same details as contact log. (This entry is visible on the security audit reports.

6.  If change of Bank details - copy the email from MYOB when received to the PDF saved at 1. 

In our systems the addition or change to Cards is restricted and when a new card (Customer/Supplier or Employee) is created a copy of the information received to create the card is kept as an attachment to the card.

This procedure was implemented using information received from our Cyber Insurance provider.