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Reports: Include account number tickbox on report filter page

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The new release of AccountRight Live 2013.4 is great.  However, although the Export to Excel option is now available, it only runs and exports without the account numbers.  The workaround is to display the report first and then hide or unhide the account number before exporting to Excel.


Wouldn't it be nice to have a tick-box on the front filter page to include or exclude account numbers for reports like the balance sheet or profit and loss? And perhaps another tick-box to include or exclude accounts with zero balances.


Harry Linden

Lakesview Consulting Pty Ltd


"Include account number tickbox on report filter page"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: December 2013

Great suggestion. This seems to be a very popular idea. Anyone else who would like to see this bought into the product, please vote for this idea.

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Ok, it has been about 7 months since this idea was put "under consideration".  What is the current status and / or priority of this idea?  I'd be keen to see this implemented in the next or near future release.

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I have to say that in general I like the new AccountRight but it has a few things that are different from the old versions which aren't necessarily improvements. 


One of them is that when I produce reports with account names, I always want to show the account codes as well.  With the old system, I just ticked show account codes and the report was created. 


In the new system, I have to create the report then modify it which takes much longer.  I don't want to have to save each of these reports in my customised reports because there are too many of them. 


It would be a great help if there was a "show account codes" button on the front of the report screen where "Display Report",  "Export to Excel", etc are shown.  Is this possible oh great MYOB gurus?


Thank you for reading.




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I agree with this suggestion as I have just upgraded from V19 where this feature was there as a checkbox.

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Having a tick box for account numbers on each report is essential.  We had it before going to the live version so don't understand why it was taken away.  It takes much longer to add this into each report each time.  This should be given high priority? These comments are from a long time ago? Has this been actioned yet? It's not in my latest release?

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Well, I posted this comment back in November, 2013.  If it is that popular, there were plenty of updates since then to have it included.  I am somewhat disappointed.


My workaround is still to run the report, unhide the account number and save it as a customised report -  not a very eloquent solution.


Furthermore, accountants love account numbers.  They should be turned on by default.


Come-on MYOB!  Lets get this done and dusted in the next release.

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Hi @HarryL


Thank you for your additional feedback in regards to this idea.

Currently this idea has been marked as under consideration as it something that we are still looking into adding in future releases of the program. At this stage we don't have a time frame for when this idea will be added to the program. However we are still encouraging clients that would like to see this idea included in the program to vote and comment if required for this idea.

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i find that most times i print the P&L, i would like the account numbers showing, and then i find it to be annoying and cumbersome to change the report to add the 'Account Numbers' field.


it would be so much easier to have the option on the Filters tab when you first open the report.  for example it could be another tick box underneath the other tick boxes for 'Include Zero Balances' and 'Round to Whole Dollar'.


thanks for listening 



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I totally agree and believe this has been mentioned else where in the forum. 


It should be an easy tick on the face of the report settings. I have voted.

Experienced Partner HarryL
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Well, look at my post back in 2014. It should be higher on the priority list. Most accountants and bookkeepers want to see the account numbers in the reports.

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Can we please have the account numbers appearing in financial reports as the default rather than having to go into Insert/Modify - Show Hide every time I want to run a report.