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Sales: In Tray - attach documents

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 I have seen the in tray for purchases and ask if there are any plans to add an in tray to the sales invoice side. It would be very helpful to us as a solar installation company to store all compliance and design pdfs with the installation sale record, so that over time we when we re-visit the sale record we can find all of that in one place. 


'In tray for Sales?"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: March 2015

Hi @PET 

Thank you for your idea in regards to AccountRight and sale transactions.

Currently the In Tray can be used for purchases only. I would encourage other users that would like to see the ability to upload documents to be read for Sale transactions/an "Out Tray" to vote and comment if required.

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I asked myob chat about this.

they couldnt advise on when this will be available... or if it will be..

Looks like XERO it is.

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Yes our business could use Sales in the intray

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In the meantime, you could use 'attachment' (top left corner of selected card) and add your compliance and other like documents to the customer card file. It works in the same way as adding contracts to employee cards. So, go to your customers card click on Attachment then click on Add Document and attach as many documents (one at a time) as you like. At least that way you have them in one place.

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Marjorie61 that's helpful info, thank-you Smiley Happy 

We have the attachement option with Purchases, I don't understand why it cannot simply be added for Sales also?  C'mon MYOB!  We pay good money for this program every month, but it's still lacking a simple addition???

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I would definitely like documents to be attached to sales invoices. Currently one of my clients gets recipient creeated tax invoices and I would like to  add this attachment to the sales register. 

It would also be helpful if there was some unusual correspondence around a sale that needs to be retained  in case of  later queries by client.


Hope you are able to program quite soon.


Randi Lapham

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YES definitley need to be able to do this for quotes, orders, invoices for both suppliers and clients. Makes it easier to add drawings notes etc for easy reference later 

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Would be a huge benefit to be able to attach photos of completed works as well as certificates of compliance and keep all documentation together with the sales invoice.

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It would be great to be able to attach signed copies of quotes/invoices which customers have signed as proof of picking up the goods.

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It would be great to be able to attached a document to sales invoice for our reference. Not an attachment when the invoice gets emailed out, but on the transaction screen. 

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Yes, but dont assume that all documents stored with the invoice should be sent with the invoice. Make it a selection to include or just store with, and have a default for one or the other but turn it on/off sending per document.