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Sales: Progressive Invoicing - billing partial amount (%) of invoice

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- We have just
converted over to MYOB from Quickbooks. We are disapointed with the
quote/convert to invoice system. In Quickbooks we could convert a % of the
quote or certain items on the quote. We could then go back in at a later date
and invoice the amount remaining from the quote to be invoiced. We also use
rather long descriptions in our study descriptions and MYOB does not allow
enough characters for this in the description box. These are quite basic
functions offered by Quickbooks and I believe should be in MYOB. I am sure many
businesses would want a % payment prior to starting a job?


"% invoices - progressive invoicing"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: October 2013

Thank you for your suggestion vhr, the option to convert only part of an Order into an Invoice. Other members of the community that would like to see this added, please do remember to vote and comment.

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We have many supplier who we operate 30 day accounts with, but occasionally offer different terms for a particular purchase. I realise you can change the terms when entering a purchase invoice, but we sometimes get an amount to be divided by 3 or 4 months of payments.  To get around this I run a spreadsheet in Excel when reconciling to statements, as a payable report doesn't satisfy this.   I haven't yet found a way around it using MYOB.  Could this be incorporated in future updates?  I am sure I am not the only one with this issue.





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Hi Jill - I find this concept interesting ... are you thinking about a 90 or 120 day term to be added?  The only way I have found a satisfactory way of doing this is to create 3 or 4 invoices on the monthly basis. You can pre-date your invoices so you can enter them all in advance - I create the first invoice with all the details about the total cost of the sale, etc, create this as a template (use recurring) and then enter the next batch of invoices for the appropriate dates, rather than have one invoice which continually shows as being "overdue".

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I'm from the client support team, and I thought I'd offer what guidance I could for your issues, though I'll leave your idea in the Ideas Exchange so the Developers can provide full commentary on including these features at a later point.

There is a limit to the amount of text that can be entered into a single description in AccountRight, however we do have methods to add additional lines.  These are:
Right clicking and choosing "Insert Blank Line"
Edit menu > Insert Blank Line

Pressing the shortcut "Ctrl + Shift + L"
This allows you to enter more information, without having a $0 line appear, so that you can show additional information to a client/customer.

Regarding charging just a partial amount for a Quote converting to an Invoice, I recommend a process such as:
1) Make sure the preferences are set to keep quotes when you convert to Invoices:
Setup menu > Preferences > Sales tab. Do not tick the box "Delete Quotes upon Changing to and Recording as an Order or Invoice [System-Wide]"

2) When you convert the quote, add another line to the end of the invoice:
Less XX% not yet due.
And subtract the corresponding amount from the total amount on that line.  An example is:
Quote for $10,000
Convert to Invoice

Add a new line for "Less 90% not due until November 2013" -$9000
This lets you control exactly how much is billed out, though I appreciate it is a manual process.

Will H - MYOB Client Support.


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% invoicing would be a very good feature.

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Thank you for your suggestion vhr, the option to convert only part of an Order into an Invoice. Other members of the community that would like to see this added, please do remember to vote and comment.
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Hi All,


When a sales order is created and turned into an invoice, there are no options of invoicing part of the order.



Order for $2,000 is entered into the system. We then want to invoice $1,000 in Feb. After this transaction, the order remains open with a balance of $1,000. We then invoice the balance of $1,000 in Mar.


Currently, when you enter the order and turn it into an invoice, the order automatically changes to the invoice amount and then closes instead of remaining open with the balance.


Is this something you could look at incorporating into the system?




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You can do this using the Items Layout. You may need to play around with the Items List to make it suit your billing schedule.


It depends on what it is you are selling - you would need to break down your $2,000 order into 2 items costing $1,000 each. You would then create an order for 2 of these items, but when changing the order to a Bill, change the SHIP quantity to 1, and the BackOrder quantity to 1. This will create the sale, but will also retain an order of $1,000.





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Thanks, but this will not work.


Our customer's payment arrangements vary per job. For example:


We bill for three different services, therefore, we create an order for this. Depending on how much work has been completed, we may then bill 10% of the total fee one month and 40% the next and so on until the order/service is complete.


When we tried using the item order/invoice using the above as an example, the balancing of the order was not correct. This just converted to the invoice amount.


Also, we don't like the idea of having to use an item invoice whereby we need to use quantities per service provided.

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Then it may be best to draft the full invoice and save it as recurring. Enter the full details of the invoice as a header. Then have  a line entry below that stating "Progress Payment required by (date) and enter the amount for the month you are billing.


Then, each month,  record  the recurring invoice, changing the amounts due until its paid in full. You could record the recurring invoices in advance to ensure they don't get forgotten, and simply forward to the customer when they fall due

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Thanks. The only problem with this is that we won't have a record/report showing what orders are open and balances owing.